2015-07-29 / Hook Line and Sinker

Hook, Line & Sinker

By Judy Van Put

Water releases into the East Branch of the Delaware River are slowly easing back down to a more manageable flow. As of this writing, the East Branch at Fishs Eddy was recorded as flowing at 916 cubic feet per second, and Al Carpenter, of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville has resumed sending out canoes. The City of New York had been releasing so much water that fishermen and canoeists have had difficulties negotiating the East Branch. It’s good news to learn that that fishery is getting back to normal.

Al reported that the fishing in Pepacton Reservoir has been productive, with goodsized brown trout coming in lately. Some ninepounders are being taken.

Last week Art Perry Jr. from Kingston was fishing at dark when he landed a beauty of a brown trout that weighed nine pounds, five ounces. Art was fishing with sawbellies.

The July Trout Derby sponsored by Al’s Sports Store is currently being led by a 10 pounder. Tom Adams from over near Verplanck, brought in a 10-pound, two-ounce brown that measured 27 and-a-quarter inches in length.

Currently in second place is Murph Adams from Pennsylvania with a nice brown that weighed nine pounds, 14 ounces, and measured 28 inches long. And holding third place is “Stevie-O” from Highmount. Stevie caught a fine fat brown trout that weighed nine pounds, 11 ounces and measured 26 and-threequarters inches in length.

All three placeholders in the July Trout Derby had their successes while fishing with sawbellies earlier in the month. However, it seems that those fishermen that are trolling now seem to be catching more fish than those fishing with bait. Popular lures that are being used with good success include Flutter Spoons, Stingers, Glow in the Darks, and a new lure called the Laker Taker, and the Laker Taker Flutter.

Fish are being taken all during the day, so reservoir fishermen are not limited to fishing any special time. Some have continued to do well in early morning, others noticed the fish started hitting between noon and 2 p.m.; others have had success at dark. It seems that most trollers have been by fishing seven colors, down at about 40 feet. Near the dam, the water temperature was 54 degrees at 40-feet down where the thermocline seems to have formed. Fish tales

Another couple of “fish stories” to relate. There must be some huge fish in the reservoir. Tom Donahue from Lake Muskoday caught a 13-pound brown trout last year and is no stranger to big fish. However, he hooked a fish that he couldn’t even move, and after a tug-ofwar battle, it finally broke the line. And another reservoir angler, after having caught a four pounder and a five pounder, had another fish on for over an hour.

When he finally got it up to the boat, he found he didn’t have a big enough net to contain the fish! He managed to get the fish’s head in the net but then the fish started flopping and broke the line. He has caught a 15 pounder in the past and regularly uses a flounder net, but after this experience he decided ne needs a striper net to fish Pepacton!

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