2015-03-11 / Here's the Scoop by Brian Sweeney

Here's the Scoop: March 11, 2015

The gifts of hope
Because of “The Winter that Wouldn’t Quit,” I haven’t been feeling my usual passion for Fantasy Baseball this year. There’s now less than a month to go before our annual Fantasy Baseball draft. In a normal year, by about mid-February, I’d start counting the days until the draft and filling my nights and free minutes studying players’ statistics in an attempt to win our coveted league title. Not this year.
The record cold this season has most people thinking about firewood, not the sound of wood meeting ball with a resounding crack. While folks in the northeast have been united in a brotherhood of cold weather misery, the daily grind has become fatiguing. We’ve all been waiting for a ray of hope. Mine arrived courtesy of my daughter.
When my wife returned after taking our daughter on a “Birthday Shopping Day on the Town,” it turned out that the Birthday Girl wasn’t the only one who scored well-deserved presents. I was gifted with a Fantasy Baseball magazine! And I didn’t even ask for it. Now, that’s a good daughter.

Not quite time
Oddly enough, even though I was thrilled with having the magazine, I resisted opening the book for a number of days. I was building anticipation. Plus, I was spending all my spare time scrounging for firewood in an attempt to keep pace with Mother Nature’s relentless cruel joke.
Something had to give, though. That “something” was, of course, the arrival of Cadbury Mini Eggs. When the season’s first batch of these delectable treats was brought into the News office, I knew that the stars had aligned and it was OK to begin my annual Fantasy Baseball studies — accompanied by vast supplies of Mini Eggs. And milk. All the ingredients for Spring Training — Fantasy style.
Sure, the weather has remained an obstacle, but hope has arrived with the 40-something-degree days recently. Now, not only do I want to start some serious Fantasy Baseball research, I’m feeling behind. Fortunately, if you consume enough Mini Eggs, sleep doesn’t come easily and you’re able to put in some researching overtime.

You wouldn’t understand
Of course, even though the baseball draft (if you have to ask what this is about, we already have a problem) is generally held in early April, there’s no guarantee that it will feel like spring. A few years ago on Draft Night we had the windows open at our gathering place as temperatures hovered around 70. Other years, snow and whipping winds are in the air when we meet for this nerd-like ritual.
But, it doesn’t really matter, because Fantasy Baseball and Mini Eggs will be linked in my mind with the arrival of spring and warmer days ahead. A Fantasy Baseball Championship Bobblehead at season’s end, would make things even better. For now, though, I’m happy that the draft is quickly approaching and that I have one of the key food groups to help keep me alert during my Fantasy Baseball studies. Too bad I didn’t know about Mini Eggs years ago, they would have really aided my late nights with the books during college. And helped with my Fantasy of being a straight-A student. — Brian Sweeney

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