2014-10-22 / Andes

Andes budget plan shows 4.6% hike

By Cheryl Petersen
The proposed Andes town budget calls for an approximate 4.6 percent increase, it was revealed at the board’s October 14 meeting.
A public hearing will be held on the Preliminary Budget will be held on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 6:45 p.m. at town hall. The regular meeting will follow at 7 p.m.
In other action at its October meeting, the board addressed the deteriorating condition of the access ramp at the public library at its October 14 meeting.
Andes resident and library patron, Tyler Gray was granted privilege of the floor and said, “I’d like it to be put on record that notice has been given to the town board that the handicap ramp to the Andes Library is sinking. It’s an inch-and-a-half lower than the porch and needs repair.”

Repairs authorized
Supervisor Marty Donnelly responded, “The ramp is indeed rotting at the foundation and Dale Kirby has been put on the job to clean the ramp and replace the rotten wood.”
The highway report noted that Grommeck Road has been ditched, and the old oil/stone surface has been ripped up. Holes in Little Dingle Hill Road have been fixed to be reopened. More than 6/10ths of Weaver Hollow Road has been paved along with the top of Dingle Hill Road.
Highway Superintendent Mike McAdams will be hiring a part-time employee with plowing experience for the winter and requested from the board the ability to hire two or three more part-time employees for times of emergencies.
Council Bud Gladstone received an affirmative from Brad Darling that the fuel tank wiring has been accomplished correctly.
In regard to a concern over an alleged abandoned cemetery on Herr Road, Council Dale Cole will investigate the matter.
The board sanctioned a trick or treating event at Andes Central School on October 31, from 4-8 p.m.

Traffic issues
In a related matter, Gladstone remarked that drivers are driving too fast past the school. Supervisor Donnelly was authorized to contact the Sheriff’s Department for speed enforcement near the school.
Town Justice Joseph Grieco was authorized to submit an application for funding through the Justice Assistance Program for the 2014 cycle. As for the new courthouse construction, a bill of $25,000 was approved to be paid to Forrest Day.
A decision to purchase a used grader from Arthur Trovei & Sons was tabled. Gladstone said, “If the cost of a new grader is within $50,000 of this price of $127,900 for this nine-year-old grader, it makes more financial sense to purchase a new grader.” Other council members agreed and prices of a new grader will immediately be acquired and considered.
The water districts reported that the town water continues to be stressed due to the low water table and very little rain.
A new generator, costing $1,482 was approved to serve the water district electrical needs plus the courthouse in case of an outage.
As for the closed General Store, Board Member Tom Joyce wrote a letter to be sent to Andy Wos Properties Inc. and Keauhou Properties, stressing the board’s willingness to work with them to re-open the recently closed business.
Deputy Highway Superintendent Brad Darling represented Highway Superintendent Mike McAdams at the meeting. McAdams is off work for a month-and-a-half due to health reasons.

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