2014-09-03 / Margaretville

Additional NYS Rising grant $$ for Margaretville is not a done deal

By Joe Moskowitz
The Village of Margaretville is expecting millions of dollars from the State of New York in the form of New York Rising grants to fund projects to help alleviate future flood damage. But Margaretville Mayor Diana Cope said this week that the state needs to answer some questions, including whether the village can afford to accept the money.

Last year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office announced that Margaretville was selected as a New York Rising Community and would receive $3 million for infrastructure work to help limit future flood damage and to bolster its economy. A blue-ribbon committee to identify flood-related projects was formed and a series of public meetings was held to determine how the money should be spent.

Another $3 million
Everything was done so well that the village was rewarded with another $3 million for additional work. Project ideas were submitted to the state but, as of today, there is no state check in the mail. In fact Mayor Cope said that the village board has no idea how Margaretville will get the money. Her concern is that if the state wants the village to pay for the work up front, and then get reimbursed, it may be difficult for Margaretville to come up with that kind of money. She’s not sure that will indeed be the case, but the village needs to know.
There is also a question of time. Some of the projects were selected because the state had very strict deadlines for their start and completion. The village needs to know when the clock starts or if the countdown has already begun.
Village and state officials have scheduled a meeting for this week to try and get those and other questions answered. The session is not open to the public.

No approvals yet
One thing Cope is certain of is that none of the projects that the village has submitted have been approved by the state. She said that all of the projects meet the state’s guidelines, but some “need a little tweaking”, and some should be combined.
On a related matter, Mayor Cope said that property owners should look at the new flood maps. She said if an owner wants to appeal a flood designation, now is the time to do so. The maps are on display in the village hall and at the Town of Middletown office building.
Anyone with a question should contact Code Enforcement Officer Pat Davis or the Delaware County Planning Board.

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