Life On Regal-Hill by Gail Hillriegel

Life on Regal-Hill by Gail Hillriegel is a weekly column about the many aspects of life on a farm, including care of animals, working the land, and gardening. Recipes are shared for readers’ cooking enjoyment.

Life on Regal-Hill: March 10, 2010

Well, we survived the tremendous snowstorm here at Regal-Hill. I hope you did too. I really had it easy. I didn’t have to shovel any snow and I didn’t have to go out in the cold, so I guess I had it made. Nor did I have to use the tractor to plow out the driveway or in front of the shed. The shed turned out to be a bit of a problem since it has a metal roof and the snow slides off it when it wants to, not when you want it to.

Life on Regal-Hill: Feb. 24, 2010

Well, we finally got a real snowstorm here at Regal-Hill that amounted to six or seven inches. Except for the winds afterward it wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed watching it snow, from inside of course. I was glad to get some snow so that when it gets cold again, the ground will have a nice ground cover to protect it and keep it from freezing so hard. Hopefully we won’t lose any flowers or bushes that are in the ground.

Life on Regal Hill: Feb. 17, 2010

Having just celebrated Presidents’ Day Monday it is time once again to see how well we know our American history with a quiz about our past presidents and their wives. You will probably know all the answers but I hope it will be fun.

I. Match the First Lady with the statement.

_____1. Was first married to a wealthy tobacco heir who
was 20 years her senior.

Life on Regal-Hill: Feb. 10, 2010

Our dog Buster, a Beagle mix, has finally decided to come in the house. He came here about eight years ago. He actually picked us by showing up here at the farm and wouldn’t go away once George saw him and fed him.

Life on Regal-Hill: Feb. 3, 2010

It has been an interesting day weatherwise here. The road was bare and the sun even tried to shine on and off. I started for town and by the time I got down to the county line the road was white and the snow squall was so bad that I couldn’t see far at all ahead of me, so I put the lights on bright. Within probably 10 minutes the snow stopped, but all the way to the state road there was quite a blanket of snow on the road.