Life On Regal-Hill by Gail Hillriegel

Life on Regal-Hill by Gail Hillriegel is a weekly column about the many aspects of life on a farm, including care of animals, working the land, and gardening. Recipes are shared for readers’ cooking enjoyment.

Life on Regal-Hill: June 9, 2010

We finally got some much needed rain here at Regal-Hill on Sunday. I am really glad since the ground was getting very dry and I was too lazy to water the plants myself. The weather forecast kept predicting showers and a chance of severe thundershowers for days but we didn’t get them. The ground was getting drier and drier.

Life on Regal-Hill: June 2, 2010

Spring work continues here at Regal-Hill. The fences are all checked and repaired so most of the heifers are out in the pasture now. Heavy snow and the deer did quite a bit of damage to the fences so it took some work.

Life on Regal-Hill: May 26, 2010

I’m looking forward to Memorial Day here at Regal-Hill since I am anxious to finish planting the garden vegetables and flowers for this year. By then we should be past the last freeze and it will be safe to put out frost-sensitive plants.

Life on Regal-Hill: May 19, 2010

I was disappointed that the weather turned cold here at Regal-Hill last week. I have an idea that I was not alone. It was so nice to have it warmer. At least the wind died down which made it feel warmer.

Life on Regal-Hill: May 12, 2010

As I started down the road from Regal-Hill on my daily walk this morning I saw a gold finch flying from one tree to another. Soon I saw a red-winged black bird and then I heard a woodpecker hammering on a tree. Walking toward home, near the same bunch of trees, I saw a robin on the road ahead of me. As I got closer it flew into a tree. This time of year it is always nice to see and hear the birds sing as they begin a new morning.