Life On Regal-Hill by Gail Hillriegel

Life on Regal-Hill by Gail Hillriegel is a weekly column about the many aspects of life on a farm, including care of animals, working the land, and gardening. Recipes are shared for readers’ cooking enjoyment.

Life on Regal-Hill: Sept. 2, 2009

The other morning, as I started out to walk, George told me that he had just seen a bear while he was running the barn cleaner. He said that the bear had crossed the road and gone up the old sap bush road and into the meadow. I went on down the road as I usually do, but cautiously looked all around for any sign of the bear. Thankfully, I didn’t see anything of it.

Life on Regal-Hill: August 26, 2009

We still have Brownie, Allegra’s cow, here at Regal-Hill. She prefers being in the barn. If she is put outside, she spends most of her time bawling. Just why I am not sure, except that she is all alone in that pasture, but can see the other heifers if they come down off the hill or the younger ones above our house when they come over for a drink. Inside she has a bull calf and a heifer calf for company plus a bunch of cats and kittens.

Life on Regal-Hill: August 12, 2009

I am still trying to decide whether it is going to rain today or not here at Regal-Hill. It was warm and rather humid but cloudy this morning. So I figured it would be raining before too long. Well, so far it hasn’t rained; according to the radio it could rain later today.

Life on Regal-Hill: August 5, 2009

Here at Regal-Hill I am busy taking care of produce from the garden and cutting more flowers to arrange as bouquets for the house. Of course, the weeds continue to grow as well in both the garden and the flower beds.

Life on Regal-Hill: July 29, 2009

Everything here at Regal-Hill is moving along. With the dryer weather the haying has begun in earnest. Even the wind has cooperated to help the hay and the clothes to dry. It has also helped to dry out the ground.
However, the weeds still grow as well as the lawn, so weeding and mowing still need to be fitted in while drying hay. For me, I continue to try to keep the weeds pulled while keeping up with the housework and preparing meals.