Here's the Scoop by Brian Sweeney

Brian Sweeney has been the author of “Here’s the Scoop” for more than 20 years. The column usually deals with the lighter side of life and the writer has been known to mix a bit of fiction in with the facts. Brian has received six awards for his column in the annual New York Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

Here's the Scoop: January 7, 2014

Time to reflect - in a tacky way
Ah, the first column of the new year. It’s kind of like Spring Training — in the winter. Naturally, as we grind through the early part of January, New Year’s Resolutions are already in tatters. I know I can’t remember any of mine. That’s probably because I didn’t get around to making any. It’s just easier.

Here's the Scoop: Dec. 31, 2014

Now hear this...again and again
Is anyone else really relieved that we can now stop listening to holiday music — until it starts again around September 15?
I have nothing against holiday tunes, but it’s true there can be too much of a good thing. In an effort to prevent such a situation, we usually limit holiday music in our household to a roughly two-week period. It just seems longer.

Here's the Scoop: Dec. 24, 2014

Branching Out — Part Two
Faithful readers will recall that last week was Part 1 of what is estimated to be an 18-column series detailing everything that went wrong with this year’s Christmas tree purchase. If you missed the first installment of this riveting melodrama, please send me $1.25 and I’ll make sure to get you a copy.
To summarize: this year’s field-cut tree was, ummm, bigger than we thought. Snowier, too. Somehow my wife and I managed to lug the tree into the house — after it took the tree farm owner with a big tractor to get this monster to our car.

Here's the Scoop: Dec. 17, 2014

Bigger is better?
In my humble opinion, last year we had our best Christmas tree. This year, we have our “beast” Christmas tree.

Here's the Scoop: December 10, 2014

Bucks stop here. Or there?
When is a lost wallet not a lost wallet? Give up? Me too. Because of that, my wallet is actually lost. Unless it turns up. In the meantime, I’ve stopped looking.
Like many people, I’ve “misplaced” my wallet on numerous occasions. Even when I’m not exactly sure where my wallet is located, I usually have a limited number of places where I’m pretty sure it will turn up. And, it does. Usually.