Here's the Scoop by Brian Sweeney

Brian Sweeney has been the author of “Here’s the Scoop” for more than 20 years. The column usually deals with the lighter side of life and the writer has been known to mix a bit of fiction in with the facts. Brian has received six awards for his column in the annual New York Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

Here's the Scoop: September 19, 2012

Flat is not my style
Flat brimmed baseball hats. I hate them.
There, I wrote it and I’m not taking it back. How in the world did this get to be a popular style?
Some folks may think that I’m making too much of this issue, but I think it’s an important one. Mind you, I don’t claim to be on the cutting edge of many fashion trends. Quite the opposite.

Here's the Scoop: September 5, 2012

Zeppelin flies again
When it comes to music, I don’t usually like to look/listen back. Sure, I have a bunch of favorite bands from my formative days, but I don’t play those tunes all that often. Maybe it’s because my eight-track player hasn’t worked in years.

Here's the Scoop: August 29, 2012

Offers are pouring in
A few weeks back, I wrote about a years-long run of back luck with coffee pot purchases. I was pleased by a large response of solutions from readers. They offered tips on what to buy and even advice on what brands not to purchase.

Here's the Scoop: August 22, 2012

Lending a line to Big Oil
Is anyone else a bit skeptical of the “reasons” for constantly changing gas prices? Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to be a cynic about many things — the rate of gas hikes being high up on the list.
I find it just a little odd that posted gas prices often are raised a few times during the course of a single day. Sure, The Man has some prepackaged excuse to explain this phenomenon. But I’m not buying it. Even though I’m paying for it. A lot.

Here's the Scoop: August 15, 2012

Take me back to Mayberry
It’s been more than a month since Andy Griffith left this world. When Andy died, I spotted the obligatory headline on the Yahoo home page, but didn’t see much more.

I’ve heard there was a TV special or something about Andy’s life. There were probably other tributes, but I missed them. It’s too bad. Andy, it seemed, was one of the good guys.