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To The Editor:
    Many years ago I helped organize an art exhibition and silent auction to benefit CRAS, our local AIDS-support organization.  When we started this event we didn’t anticipate its tremendous popularity and its impact on artists and art enthusiasts. 

As the event grew, we auctioned around 100 works of art each year.  When CRAS folded, the event stopped but many people told me that they missed it and the Roxbury Arts Group (RAG) decided to reorganize it as a RAG benefit with some of the proceeds going back to the donating-artists. 
It continues to be a wonderful event with a silent auction and this year will culminate with some pieces sold at a live auction.  The event has always been known for the great food and drink included in the admission price, so it has been a great summer party too.  Many, many people have adorned their homes with beautiful art from the auction over the years.  I cannot think of another place where  some 100 works of art mostly from artists living in this area are on display.  Many of these artists will be there at the event. 

   From its beginning in 1998 the auction was inspired and organized by Mary Sheerin who was joined some years later by Doree Hubar, both are neighbors in our area.  They continue to be at the heart of the RAG event and deserve our sincerest gratitude for their very hard work. “For Arts’ Sake” will take place this Saturday, July 20 from 3 to 5:30 p.m. at the Roxbury Arts Center in Roxbury.  It’s a great way to support the arts the artists in our region.

Andrew Weiss, President
Board of Directors
Roxbury Arts Group