Workshops set this summer by Writers in the Mountains

Roxbury — Writers in the Mountains has announced two writing workshops this summer.
Ev Ellsworth will lead two sessions of her longtime favorite journaling workshop.  
The classes will be held on Tuesdays from July 7 to August 11 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Walt Meade Gallery of The Roxbury Arts Center at 5025 Vega Mountain Road in Roxbury and on Thursdays from July 8 to August 12 from 10 a.m. to noon at The Fairview Library on Walnut Street in Margaretville.
Keeping a journal is a long-standing tradition for those who are devoted to the written word. This class offers an opportunity to share parts of their journals in class and listen to the writings of others. The class consistently draws both seasoned and beginning writers, and new residents find it a welcome introduction to the area. No previous writing experience is necessary.
Ev Ellsworth is a remarkable “journalist” herself, and through her sensitivity and understanding, writers can expect an encouraging environment in her workshop. Ev taught English in Northern New Jersey for many years. She served as the director of WIM for two years and remains active with the organization.
On Thursdays from August 20 to September 24 from 6-8 p.m. at The Roxbury Run Board Room, Barbara Apoian will lead, Critics Corner, People and Places.
This workshop will concentrate on remembered places that have changed lives, or influenced decisions, or in some way stay in memory because the place itself was important in the events that occurred there.   These could be childhood memories, short-lived early youthful passion, a place of safety in turbulent times both real or imagined, but in all situations a place that lingers across the bridge of memory. Call Barbara Apoian at 607 326-4855 for directions to Roxbury Run Village which is located between Margaretville and Roxbury off Route 30.
Barbara Apoian has had a home in Delaware County since 1962 and became a member of WIM when she moved to Roxbury permanently in 1994. As an active member of WIM since 1996, Barbara is a Board Director and serves as Chair of the Teacher’s Committee. She was a travel writer and coordinator in London, Paris and New York as well as a public relations/publicity writer in the field of architecture and interior design in New York City. Barbara studied Creative Fiction Writing at NYU and for the past five years has taught the Critics’ Corner Class.
The tuition for each class is six sessions for $60. Register for either class online at or call 607 326-7908.