Works of outstanding colorists featured at new Roxbury show

An exhibit of paintings by two outstanding colorists will open at The Roxbury Arts Group’s Walt Meade Gallery on Vega Mountain Road on June 20. An opening reception will take place on June 21 from 4 to 6 p.m.
Joannna Murphy attended the Swain School of Art in New Bedford, MA and subsequently spent formative years in Paris, Northern California and New York City. In the mid-80s she discovered Provincetown and its legacy as an art colony. She studied there with colorist and taskmaster Henry Hensche.
Murphy has traveled and spent time in Tuscany, Ibiza and Managua, Nicaragua and she continues to draw inspiration from the new geometry and fresh palettes of foreign places.
A plein air painter, Murphy continues to paint out-of-doors to keep her colors alive, yet she strives for what she sees as an embellished truth in her final painting palette.
Lisa Jacobson received a Master’s Degree in Art and Education from New York University and has taught art and design in a number of schools and universities. She says, “I have long been committed to making things as well as to understanding made objects as they relate to the way we construct our lives. The action of painting is urged by the perpetual flux of the earth’s spin. … My work is considered abstract as it does not view as an optical scale of reality. I do not consider my paintings abstract. They are ratios of realities on scales other than the one we can see optically.”
Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment. Please call 607 326-7908 for more information.