Will miss Catskill Catalog


To The Editor:
The news in Bill Birns’ column, A Catskill Catalog, that he is retiring the Catalog, at least for the present, is sad news for those of us who are interested in “local” history. He has provided information that has been lacking in my nearly 83 years. I, and I hope, we, will miss your column, Bill.

The good news in his last column is that the Catskill Mountain News is planning a commemorative edition to mark the 250th anniversary of the first settlers in what is now the Town of Middletown. I just completed a transcription of the deed to the first property in the Town – Harmonus Dumond’s title to the property on Southside Road opposite Margaretville Central School on April 7, 1763. I am searching for other land deeds of the same period, as Harmonus did not settle the valley alone. If anyone has any clues I hope they will let me know at rarowe@clearwire.net.

I was also delighted to learn that my “old” friend, Len Utter, will be taking the reigns as town historian. This position couldn’t be in better hands.

Keep the local news coming for a homesick native in Rochester.

Robert A. Rowe,