Why rebuild bridge at all?


To The Editor:
It was recently announced that the Swart Street bridge will not be rebuilt this season due to the high cost.  Why rebuild it at all, ever?  

The Swart Street bridge is not critical to vehicle traffic in Margaretville. A quick alternate is to take Orchard and Mountain to Swart.  Even going the long way from Swart and Walnut to Main to Academy and back down Swart to the bridge takes only one minute and 40 seconds at 25 mph.  

I can’t imagine anyone suffering if it takes another minute-and-a-half to complete the drive (worst case).  There are many streets and roads in the area which end in cul-de-sacs and Swart can be one of them.

Let’s use that money instead for more Margaretville beautification and revitalization projects and leave the Swart Street bridge to be a footbridge forever.

Tom Jeffers,