Where are we headed


To The Editor:
During the last century, Europe witnessed the violent clash of two political ideologies diametrically opposed to each other – on the Left – Communism, on the Right – National Socialism. In our nation today, historical events of the most gigantic dimensions are unfolding before our eyes as millions of disillusioned Americans are saying goodbye to the old Democratic/Republican con-game – it’s no longer business as usual for these shysters peddling their stale snake oil.
Instead, our people are saying a bright and cheery hello to the dynamic Occupy Wall Street of the new Left or to the immensely popular Tea Party of the new Right. Both of these parties were born out of the frustrations of our nation’s voters. The writing is on the wall for all to see. Read it for yourself – “American voters are deserting Big Brother’s world of smoke and mirrors for the no nonsense world of Reality.”
As our nation continues to implode, the scam racketeers of the old order, with their lies and duplicity, desperately try to save their sinking Titanic. So a question which must be asked is, “What happens when an object that can’t be stopped clashes with an object which can’t be moved?”
We have a chaotic and dysfunctional political system with its divided Congress, now tearing American apart, a vampirish economic system which robs everyone except the wealthy and our venal bought-and-sold politicians, war-mongering Kings who rule over us, and a degenerate culture which descends to the level of the latrine. So, today we are witnessing the rapid decline of a once magnificent USA.
Disgusted and bilked for too many years, our citizens are abandoning the old middle ground and moving either to the political Left of to the political Right, just as it happened in Europe during the 1920s and ’30s. Could there be a syndrome in our future, which would produce another European-styled “Hale Caesar,” or whatever, in our nation?
Fasten your seat belts, my friends. It’s going to be a bumpy road ahead for all of us as our people continue to first decline, and then move on to realign their political ideologies before the arrival of the dreaded Big Bang. Syria today, America tomorrow?
Where is our nation now headed? The bull is in the China shop.
Awake America!

E.O. England,