What needs to be done


To The Editor:
Regarding last week’s Mailbag letters; Mr. Weiss’s concern about Freshtown is shared by the community. Freshtown and the other businesses in that area have bet with the community and against the risk of flooding. The Village of Margaretville must support them in their bet. This will require that we work together to determine what is needed to win that bet and get it done. The Aqua-Berm fiasco shows that the Mushroom Factory has given this little thought or effort. My opponent for mayor does not have the background to support that effort and there is no reason to expect the holdovers from the Factory to be of much help to her. This kind of work was my day job, it will be a challenge, but I have ‘been there, done that’.

As for the Mushroom Factory CEO, he has retired twice from the office of mayor. I want to be sure he does not get to retire a third time. His tactic worked four years ago, but he needs to be ‘called’ for trying to ride out this upcoming term with its excessive technical workload plus backlash against a huge tax increase by enticing a surrogate that would be reliant on the Factory.

The village maintenance supervisor has worked hard for the village and is well liked in the community. Unfortunately, his letter indicates that he also has succumbed to the Mushroom Factory. He is correct that I failed to note four of the seven projects completed by the village in the last 10 years. He considers the two bridges on the Bull Run (just downstream of his house) as flood mitigation projects. They may be for his street, but nothing of the order of work required for Main Street. His inclusion of the park pavilion as a village project is a ‘slap in the face’ to the community which raised $200,000 plus for its construction with no support from the Factory. As for the credentials of the office of mayor, I certainly will not use them or taxpayer money (is that where some of the village cash reserves went?) to harass a fellow citizen and try to steal his property by eminent domain. I will use the credentials and my experience to help the entire village.

I do hope that the residents have a good memory as to the community-minded man that I am. I was one of the original organizers of what is now the Round Barn Farmers’ Market. I played a key role in the renovation and addition to the Joe Christian home for the Fairview Public Library. I led the upgrade of Joe’s garage to a community room. My family and I have supported the annual Firemen’s Carnival since its inception with a firework’s area. I organized and continue to support the tractor parade for the annual Cauliflower Festival. I granted an easement on my property for part of the river demonstration project at the village park. Most importantly, I have worked to understand the river and its flooding episodes for the benefit of everyone in the floodplain.

However, I do not think that is what Mr. Friedman had in mind. Most of the community now realizes it was the Factory, not me, holding the Binnekill Stream hostage. That the Factory is continuing that whisper campaign means that neither I, nor my opponent, can expect any support from them for an important part of the flood mitigation work. That will not be an issue for me. I understand what needs to be done.

Lauren Davis,