What are we waiting for?


To The Editor:
I have suggested this idea before and bring it to the table once again. The wonderful team of the successful Pine Hill Community Center is hosting a community open house/screening to unveil a new documentary by Jessica Vecchione: “Inside the Pine Hill Community Center” on July 31 at 6:30 p.m....a story of its success due to the hard work of many community folks, and its support by the community itself.

Candidly, I am almost embarrassed that a great community like Margaretville, with all its vibrant and creative folks, its savvy business people and the strength and commitment to overcome prior adversity, can’t pool all this energy and intelligence to do something just like Pine Hill.  What a benefit it would be to our young and older people alike, everyone in the community! 
Imagine taking the old historic theatre on Main St., bringing it back to life, and converting it into a great community center offering classes, exhibitions, socialization, a meeting and gathering spot for clubs, civic groups, and organizations that often have no place to regularly meet, even creative presentations—-musical, theatrical, video, artistic, etc.  The apartments upstairs could be retained as a revenue source, or converted into offices, etc.

Now I know there will be naysayers worried over the costs to renovate, manage it properly, help create programs, etc.  We should take the lead from Pine Hill, create a committee to help build, finance (through grants, loans, donations) and manage this dream into reality.  Now if we’re looking for something with spirit, and great potential to rally around, this is one thing I would support. 
Yes, expanding Belleayre and building something resort-wise might be great (though we’re talking years down the road for sure), this is tangible, realistic, environmentally sound, will create a few jobs, and most importantly can be a something that is truly “ours”, great for the children, residents, and visitors to learn from and enjoy....and us to be proud of. 

What a compliment this community center would be to the new recreational/pool facility that was just started in Arkville.  The combination would make this area the “buzz” of the Catskills.
What are we waiting for? Let’s keep the ball rolling. I’ll help and participate on a group.  
Steve Finkel,
New Kingston