What are we going to do?


To The Editor:
I read with interest John Cerullo’s letter, “Time to wake up to the big lie.”  I don’t quite understand how he and his ilk seem to think that the money earned by those who are smarter, more motivated and harder working doesn’t belong to those who earned it.  That, somehow, being wealthy in and of itself is evil and that their money should be taken from them and redistributed by those who would possess the same philosophy as he and, but of course, know better.  John, their money does not belong to you.  Perhaps you can take a rolled up magazine, or better, a copy of the Catskill Mountain News, and swat a rich person on the nose with it while shouting “BAD, BAD rich person.”

In his vituperative diatribe he fails to mention the inordinate percentage of total tax revenue already paid by the wealthy, or that it is a fact when taxes are lower, the revenue to the federal treasury is higher.  When this was pointed out to Obama in an interview during his first campaign, his response was something to the effect that he didn’t care but was going to “take those fat cats down.”  Oh, my!

How about if the government stops spending so much money?  My, what a concept!  Once the reward of achievement is removed, so goes the impetus to excel.  Ask the Russians or the Chinese how well that worked for them.

Unfortunate as it may be, the local economy is driven as much by second homeowners with money as anything, so be careful what you wish for.  And finally this, what are you going to do when you run out of rich people?

Gary Caso,