Weyside guest speaks out


To The Editor:
Regarding Jay Braman’s article last week about the, at least temporary, demise of the Weyside Inn. I truly feel badly about the Malleys’ lack of success there, both for them and for their potential guests.

Unfortunately, much of that failure is attributable to their total lack of understanding of what is necessary to run an establishment like that. They completely underestimated what is involved. I feel somewhat qualified to make that statement because I stayed there for 14 years and I worked at the Funcrest Hotel in Pine Hill for many years.

To run a hotel successfully requires full-time attention and reinvesting in infrastructure. Regrettably the Malleys lost sight of that fact. As soon as they took it over from the Crnkovics they changed the Weyside’s decades-old policy of always having somebody in the hotel to answer inquiries from potential guests and to take messages for existing guests who had no telephones. They left to visit friends and relatives for days at a time with no regard for the consequences of such neglect. That did not require great capital to accomplish.

 What required substantial capital was maintaining the physical plant. They had neither the financial resources nor the physical and mental commitment to succeed.  In my cottage (and others) there was the stench of mold from the basement. I complained about that to Skip for many years. to no avail. The old refrigerator always froze up. The wood siding and roof shingles were always neglected and falling. The porch picnic table fell apart. These were only a few symptoms of the overall neglect and lack of determination involved.

Sporadically mowing the lawn and installing a microwave did not make up for detached oversight. When the Crnkovics owned the property it was meticulously groomed and maintained, with some exceptions due to age. There was attention to detail and no need to repeatedly notify ownership about a problem. The ultimate cause of their demise was the influx (infestation) of Canadian geese on the property. Many guests told us over the latter years that they were not coming back because of the goose droppings that were all over the place, including the lake and raft, which were being tracked into the cottages. 

The unfortunate demise of the Weyside had absolutely nothing to do with the “environmentalists and the lack of the Belleayre resort,” as Skip asserted, and everything to do with mismanagement and lack of prolonged commitment. I wish them well.

Howard Mandell,
East Northport