We're stuck in the middle on taxes


To The Editor:
Roxbury Central School enrollment has declined by 30 children according to Superintendent Thomas O’Brien. A huge decrease for a school in the 365-pupil range.  Also announced by MCS Superintendent Tony Albanese was a decline of between 15 and 29 children in Margaretville Central School to below 400.
Will we see a decrease in our school taxes?  I doubt it one bit.  It is time to start thinking of solutions to dropping enrollment and constantly rising school taxes.  It is time for innovative solutions and drastic cost cutting measures. The cost per child is constantly rising year after year. What is the per child cost of RCS and MCS? At this rate, we can send our children to a private school for less, and eliminate our schools. Period. Small class size is a luxury we can’t afford. At a certain point the law of dimensioning returns hits. I believe we have reached that point. Schools in rural areas are all facing these same problems. School districts need to be combined and school buildings eliminated. Overall fix expenses are increasing faster and faster.
If school taxes keep rising, we are going to loose more and more taxpayers. Why stay and pay for schools when you don’t have any children in the system? You can’t just keep raising school taxes to support our schools. It seems as if all levels of government have the same idea, the taxpayers are an unlimited piggy bank that they can keep raiding.
In my opinion, it is not only the economy as both O’Brien and Albanese claim.  Margaretville and Roxbury, and a lot of towns in Delaware County, just don’t have the jobs for young families. They can’t live, work, and raise their children in this county. The Belleayre Resort project is not going to be the answer for all our woes. Let’s get realistic. Tourism is not going to be the answer either.
Added to this problem is the fact that a small number of residents in Denver and Halcottsville are being raked over the coals by being incorporated into the Roxbury School District instead of the Margaretville School District. Roxbury has made no effort to reevaluate their property to 100 valuation as the Town of Middletown did. They also don’t seem to care and we are getting no assistance from our elected officials in getting this matter resolved. We are stuck paying an unfair tax amount.
Richard Rossi, Denver