We're glad hospital is here


To The Editor:
Recently, my husband John suffered a mild heart attack. Unfortunately, John was not aware that all the pain he had three days previously was a heart attack! He thought he had either pulled a muscle or cracked his sternum. When the pain didn’t go away, we went to the ER at the Margaretville Hospital. The reason I am writing about this is because I want everyone in this area to know that the care he received there was outstanding.

Not only was the PA on duty, Steve Carson, extremely through in his examination and tests, he remained in such a calm manner that we were never alarmed. Bottom line, when Steve realized the situation was not skeletal or muscular, he immediately did an enzyme test that showed him there was an issue with my husband’s heart. He arranged for an ambulance to transfer John to St. Peter’s in Albany immediately, where he also received outstanding care. He is now home and doing very well.

We’ve been to the ER at the Margaretville Hospital a number of times and have always been treated very professionally and have been totally satisfied with the treatments. We would never hesitate to go there again, if needed. We feel that the hospital is serving the community commendably and we are glad it is there.

Darlene DeMaille,