We have a choice at the polls


To The Editor:
New York State’s politicians are about to make an important decision on our behalf, fracking. Fracking will give New Yorkers a much-needed economic stimulus and bring the nation closer to energy independence. It would generate much needed tax revenue for the state, county and towns.

It would create much needed good paying vocational jobs for the people in our community.
So why are there so many people in New York against fracking? It’s being done all over the country. We need the gas to heat our homes, cook our food, generate the electricity to power our economy and light our homes. What are our options? Many people, don’t want nuclear, it may blow up! Some feel coal too dirty! Then there are those that don’t want oil because that will make the oil company rich! (Stockholders like you and me.) Then there are the “not in my neighborhood” we don’t want wind mills they look ugly! We can’t rely on solar panels, because of the little sunshine in the winter.

So where will we get the energy from, so that we can fulfill the utopian dream of a clean energy consuming society that President Obama wants us to be?

My friends the answer is, all the above, they are the needed energy sources for the present and further generation. (Number one is oil) However President Obama likes to pick and dictate to you and me which source of energy we will be allowed to have in the very near future. The administration seems determined that wind and solar “green energy” is best for you. At this point green energy is supplying less that five percent of our electrical needs, and that’s before we will be forced into electric cars. This green energy is only economically viable if gas goes up to $8 a gallon.

We are now at $4 plus. The secretary of energy said, “he would like to see our gas prices the same as in Europe.” That would make even a Chevy Volt look good. Solar panels would make sense even without government subsidy. So would wind mills, which will them be government mandated and built on all the mountaintops around our communities.

So my friend that is our future if the Obama Administration has its way for the next four years. The good news is it does not have to be. We have more oil and natural gas than Saudi Arabia. Not two percent of the world’s oil reserve as President Obama wants you to believe. If we develop our God given energy source and combine it with our imported oil from our friend, Canada via the Excel pipe line we could be energy independent from the rest of the world in less than 15 years. All we have to do to make the above come true for us and our children, is make President Obama’s energy policy a one-term event by voting him into retirement.

Kurt Holcherr,