Water District a concern for Andes Town Board


By Cheryl Petersen
Aside from the 2009 International Truck giving the highway department periodic fits, the operations and projects of the Town of Andes are running smoothly. Supervisor Marty Donnelly was authorized to seek quotes to move forward on the new Andes Town Court facility. And, once a master plan for improvements in Ballentine Park is drawn up they will be presented to the Delaware County Planning Board.
Council Bud Gladstone said, “The Arkville based MARK Project may have grant funds to assist with the Ballentine Park project which includes a gazebo-like unit.” The board has also approached Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney for funds. Architect Brigetta Brophy is drawing up the master plan.
“Good news from New York City,” said Donnelly. “The City agreed to accept the original water/septic agreement and the process has been completed.”
On February 18, Supervisor Donnelly, Town Consultant Marge Merzig, and Council Bud Gladstone will be traveling to Albany to meet Senator Seward. “We need to find a solution to the town’s water debt problem,” said Donnelly.
Donnelly then thanked John Moffit and Shane Boice for their work as part of Delaware Operations, “You keep the pipes from freezing and we appreciate it.” The board authorized the Water District to purchase spare parts, not to exceed $5,000 and also to amend the Water District Budget to reflect the same. The service agreement, with Cummings North East, for the generator at the wastewater plant, will be renewed.
The board agreed to advertise for the town and Delaware County Fair 5K and 10K Run.

Energy savings
The council approved to go forward with a NYSERDA energy audit. “I read that an audit is what helped the Town of Hobart receive solar panels and if this is something our town can do, we will find out,” said Donnelly.
Efforts will be made to open the Andes swimming pool for a longer season. “The town is currently looking to hire life guards,” said Donnelly. “Life guards will be paid $8.50 per hour, instructors will be paid $10.35 per hour, and director will be paid $14 per hour.” Also noted was the fact that the bathrooms will be tiled and the showers fixed at the pool.
Equipment details were included on the highway report, submitted by Mike McAdams, Superintendent, who said “Everything is running fine, even the 2009 International Truck, until a fuse burns out and doesn’t allow the ARD head to heat up and burn off the exhaust filter.” On another occasion, a nut holding the ARD head fell off. “The truck is no longer under warranty and to fix this problem continually could get expensive.”
On another note, Mike McAdams explained to the board the benefits of having an eight-foot straight blade Fisher plow on the 2011 Dodge Ram truck. “We could plow snow so much faster than when we use the grader,” said McAdams. The board agreed and authorized purchase of the blade for the smaller Ram truck. “It needs to be done,” said Council Tom Hall. “It will also serve as a backup.”
The Highway Department had been looking to purchase a trailer. “The last deal fell through but we found a 90 Beaver trailer at River Valley Ford,” said Bud Gladstone. McAdams and others looked the trailer over and found it has a new deck, brake lines, and good tires. The cost is $6,500. McAdams was authorized to purchase the trailer and personally take the check to River Valley Ford so as to get all the paperwork done and collect the title.
Council Tom Joyce wrote to Verizon concerning a future cell phone tower in Andes. “Verizon replied by sending me to a website to fill out real estate information,” said Joyce. The form asks for information from studies about possible sites, and their elevations in Andes for a tower. Previous studies and surveys have been done and will be located.

Response to Miller
Other correspondence, Donnelly said, “I received a letter from Middletown Supervisor Marge Miller encouraging me to reconsider my position in regard to the county employing a medical examiner versus coroner. I stand with the current status of using a medical examiner for the due process of a death. But Supervisor Miller believes the county can save $30,000 per year by returning to the coroner system. I’ve researched the matter and consulted with Tom Hynes, Roxbury Supervisor and funeral director. Hynes has experienced both systems in the county and feels the medical examiner system is the best. I yield to his expertise.”
Masonville Supervisor Mike Spaccaforno corresponded with the town notifying them of a study performed that counters the governor’s recent proposed property tax freeze plan which includes rebates as enticement for municipalities to keep under the tax cap. A copy of the article was given each council member to review. This analysis conducted by the Public Policy & Education Fund shows that upstaters will receive a double whammy, facing impacts in school budget cuts plus low rebates.
Bud Gladstone suggested the town write a letter to New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, thanking him for his stand against fracking. The board approved of doing so.