Water bill relief sought in Andes


By Cheryl Petersen
Last month, Andes officials met with State Senator Seward to try to refinance the loan or loans in the Andes water district.
Supervisor Marty Donnelly said, “The meeting was encouraging, and Senator Seward is assisting the village to reduce the debt service. Marge Merzig, town consultant, played a significant role and with the newly adopted water district budget, the Town of Andes will be able to make possible to basic customers a reduced annual user charge from $480 to $400.”
Jason Mondore, dog control officer, reported a dog owner is failing to pick up dog droppings, especially in front of the Catholic Church. According to Ag & Market, all dog owners should have a dog license per dog, and with respect to the village and themselves, clean up after their dog. The Andes Board decided to post notices around the hamlet in regard to the responsibilities of dog owners. Marge Merzig will develop a plan for dealing with delinquents.
Jillienne LaFever Craver gave a presentation to the board comparing the town’s current insurance plan with plans LaFever Insurance Agency, based in Bovina Center, can offer. A savings was depicted. Jillienne Craver was asked to speak with the highway crew to answer questions in regard to the policies and exactly what they cover.

Courthouse hearing
The highway report detailed the latest equipment maintenance. Andes resident Buffy Calvert thanked the highway crew for a fantastic job this last heavy winter. A special meeting on March 27 at 7 p.m. will be held to review the proposed new courthouse.
The 211 Dodge Ram 5500 has been at the Robert Green repair shop in Monticello for eight weeks. They found a broken wire in the wiring harness and are currently installing a new harness on the truck. “This truck is under warranty,” said Mike McAdams, Highway Superintendent. “But eight weeks is unnecessary for that repair. The truck should be in the town.”
Supervisor Donnelly requested McAdams to ask Robert Green to reinstate eight weeks onto the warranty, saying, “If the town can’t use the truck for eight weeks, the warranty should be extended.”

Pool planning
With the upcoming summer, six or seven lifeguards will be hired to man the pool. All lifeguards must be certified, a cost that runs $270. To offset the cost, the board is willing to reimburse hired lifeguards who stay the summer. “This is a good job and the town is interested in assisting lifeguards with the certification expense as we work together,” said Thomas Joyce, council.
The board resolved to allow David Capps use of Ballantine Park for a dance program this year, as long has he provides a certificate of insurance to the town.
The Highway 28 Catskill Mountain Scenic By-Way, in the works for about four years, is moving forward as the town appointed Bud Gladstone, Bill Feldman, and Alex Adelson to serve on the committee.
The Scenic By-Way advisory committee is inclusive of other towns with the goal to work together to promote tourism, coordinate marketing, have consistent signage, and spiff up the highway outskirts.
Bids for highway department materials and rentals were opened and accepted by the board.
The Catskill Cycling Club has received a grant from O’Connor Foundation to purchase a $200 bike rack and, with the town’s approval, the rack will be placed near the library with Town of Andes identification.
Before the regular meeting, a public hearing was held in regard to indemnification of officers and employees at the town.