Wadler named to Fleischmanns planning board

By Jay Braman Jr.
The Village of Fleischmanns has solved its planning board problems and can now continue the review of an application to open an auto repair shop on Wagner Avenue.
Earlier this month, plans for a public hearing on Thomas Shamro’s plan to open a repair shop at 684 Wagner Avenue was abruptly cancelled when it became clear that there were not enough members on the planning board to legally conduct the meeting.

Larry Reilly, chairman of the planning board in the Village of Fleischmanns, and planning board member John Granito, resigned from the board on the same day. Plus, an oversight about another member’s term expiration effectively shut the board down until replacements could be found.
The village board of trustees immediately put out feelers out into the community hoping to get enough volunteers to make the planning board whole again.
On Tuesday, Mayor Todd Pascarella said that while they fell short of that mark, two out of three isn’t bad.

The village board has appointed Jason Wadler of Wadler Brothers Home Center on Route 28 in the village, to the board for a five-year term. They also reappointed Don Kearney, whose term had expired recently, to fill out Reilly’s unexpired term. Kearny will serve two years.
He was also appointed as chair of the planning board.

Wadler is not a village resident, but Pascarella said village law allow for two members to be non-residents. Pascarella said that Wadler showed that he was “very interested” in the position.
The third vacancy remains, but Pascarella said that with four out of five members, the planning could again legally function.

So, at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3, Shamro’s hearing will commence.
“Thomas Shamro would like to operate an auto repair and used vehicle sales on DNEP Corp property at 684 Wagner Avenue in Fleischmanns,” states a notice by the planning board, made public last week.

The project plans can be reviewed in the office of the Town of Middletown Building department, located on Route 28 in Arkville.
The garage is located on flood-zone land across the street from another automobile based enterprise known as VW Auto Parts.

The Auto Parts property, like 684 Wagner Avenue, was severely flooded during Hurricane Irene, and was recently the subject of a surprise raid by state Department of Environmental Conservation officials. So far there has been no explanation for that search.

Shamro, who also operates Shamro’s Tire and Auto Service on county Highway 37 in Fleischmanns, said Tuesday that although the owners of VW Auto Parts did at one time rent 684 Wagner Avenue from DNEP Corp, they no longer do.