Vote for Marge in Middletown


To The Editor:
Bright, informed, energetic, passionate, and resilient, Marge Miller has the skill set needed to serve the Town of Middletown as supervisor.

Marge is a local girl who grew up in Margaretville. Marge knows and understands the customs, the traditions, and the issues affecting life in the Catskills. And, Marge has experience in the greater world, leaving Margaretville as a young woman to earn a living as an actress and property owner in New York City. Those blended life experiences provide Marge with the foresight needed to know where the Town of Middletown has been, where we are at present, and where we need to go.

In evaluating what kind of a supervisor Marge Miller will be, voters should consider how Marge has run her campaign. It’s instructive and provides voters with a preview of the kind of supervisor Marge Miller will be.

Marge has a work ethic that is second to none. She has worked tirelessly and diligently doing her homework to learn the nuances involved with serving as our supervisor. Marge has attended village and town meetings and visited hundreds of homes listening to people to take an accurate reading of the pulse of the town. Rather than entering the fray with preconceived notions, Marge values the experiences of those who have already served or are serving our town and has picked the brain of anyone and everyone associated with the town and its governance.

Marge has publicly shared the foundation of her platform, allowing voters to consider her positions and demonstrating the openness and transparency she’ll bring with her as our supervisor. An idea person, Marge will bring to the position fresh insights, perspectives, and connections that are a must during these challenging times. Finally, Marge is a people person, someone who understands the people of our town are its most valuable resource, someone who respects the unique contributions each person brings to the table, and someone with a proven track record of attracting people who contribute their time, energy, and resources to a cause.

Voters in the Town of Middletown have an important choice to make in selecting their new supervisor. During an era when folks are being asked to do more with less, informed and competent leadership is a must. The Town of Middletown is fortunate to have a candidate with the passion, energy, and skill set of Marge Miller. For the sake of the town, vote for Marge.

Jo and John