Village pedestrians in danger


To The Editor:
Now that the bridge is impassable, the people on lower Wagner Avenue in Fleischmanns have the choice of walking up the hill or going around Depot Street to reach the stores on Main Street.  
It is imperative that there be a walkway for them on Main Street.  But the people owning the cars associated with the Living Room or the overcrowded home next door feel it is their God-given right to park on the sidewalks, making pedestrians walk in the street.  Their explanation is that it is too dangerous to park their cars on the street as the cars come around the curve fast.  Now, is that ludicrous?

It is OK for pedestrians to be in danger but not their precious cars.  I have had enough.  As a tax-paying member of this community, I am calling on the village board to address this issue. Thank you.

Pamela Barcia,