Video editing classes offered at Fairview


Free digital video editing classes will be offered Wednesdays, May 21, 28 and June 4 from 6 to 7 p.m. in Fairview Public Library’s Community Room on Walnut Street in Margaretville.

Film lovers, family historians and YouTube enthusiasts will learn how to produce professional-looking video clips easily. Call Fairview Public Library at 845.586.3491 or stop by the library to sign up.

Drew Brisco, Margaretville resident and self-taught digital video editor who has been making anime music videos for three years, will teach the classes using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0.

If you have ever thought about producing your own high-quality videos on your computer, but haven’t gotten started either because you didn’t know where to start, or because it all seemed way too complicated, then these classes are for you!

Learn how to rearrange, mix or combine videos, add music, narration or sound effects, and have fun with your video.

Create memories with sound tracked wedding or birthday videos.

You can then easily post to your video blog (vblog) or to YouTube, Google Video, Grouper or any other of your favorite video sites, or burn it to DVD to create video gifts, marketing presentations or to archive your collection on DVD.