Very proud of work for Andes


To The Editor:
Upon requesting to see the 2012 Andes Tentative Budget I received a call from Supervisor Donnelly to enlighten me that all my positions with the Town of Andes had been eliminated. Donnelly stated “That was the only place that the town board could make a big cut.” My salary dropped from $13,338 to $500 plus health insurance.

Later in the day after the October 11 Andes Town Board meeting, I was released from my duties as deputy town clerk by town clerk, Janis Jacques, effective immediately. Speculation for my dismissal was that I had been talking to another candidate running for Andes Town Clerk.

I was appointed deputy town clerk on January 1, 1997 by my former classmate Janis Jacques. I spent lots of time and effort the first year to familiarize and educate myself.

In 1998, I completed two courses “Using Records Retention Schedule” and “Inventorying Records.” Both courses were given by the New York State Archives and Record Administration Government Records Services. That inspired me to write and obtain a $6,656. grant to record and organize all the records from all departments. Many records were lost from a fire and water damage at the location where they were stored.

Within a couple of years, the town clerk wanted all Fridays off for a three-day weekend! I worked hard to keep my work caught up every week plus help the many people who came in the town clerk’s office, specifically on Fridays because they knew I would take the time to help them. Last October, alone I worked 17 days and some summers up to seven weeks at a time.

In 14 years there have been many changes in the town clerk’s office which has doubled the workload. New Decals Licensing System, Andes Village dissolved, Shavertown Cemetery Corporation dissolved, taking over dog licensing from Ag and Markets and of course, The Andes Waste Water Treatment Plant.

I am very proud of my accomplishments and appreciate the kindness given to me by my supporters.

Sharon Drew,