Unfair taxation in Halcottsville

To The Editor:
The centerpiece of the history of the Catskill Region focuses on the Anti-Rent Wars. King George had given large swaths of Catskill land to his inner circle. Farmers paid rent to these wealthy landowners with no hope of ever actually owning the land and no recourse to change their circumstances. As the story goes, they dressed as Indians and killed the rent collector, Sheriff Steele.
We in Halcottsville and Denver will be receiving our school tax bills from the Roxbury School District this month.  Once again we will receive similar treatment as did our predecessors. Wealthy property owners in Roxbury pay school taxes based on what they paid years ago for their properties.  We in Halcottsville and Denver, living in both the Roxbury School District and in the Town of Middletown, pay school taxes based on the market value of our properties.

Middletown recently revalued all properties to market while Roxbury has not. The inequity that results is astounding, yet we are stuck with it.  We do not vote in Roxbury so, of course, why not foist upon us the lion’s share of the school tax. No pain to elected officials can result as we have no vote. Elected officials, their cronies and their businesses prosper at our expense.

When I explained to the Roxbury Town Supervisor, Tom Hynes, our predicament  his reaction was, “I will do what I want, when I want, and there is nothing you can do about it.” The fact that the cost per student in Roxbury is equivalent to elite day-school tuition in Manhattan is of no consequence to him. Those costs are passed on to us in Halcottsville and Denver. What a scam!

History does repeat itself. We have a modern day Sheriff Steele, his name is Tom Hynes. Mr. Hynes is up for reelection as town supervisor.  A vote for Mr. Hynes is a vote against what is right and fair.

Marty Lieberman,