"Unanticipated Consequences" exhibit opens May 16 at Longyear

The opening of Longyear’s solo show season will kick off on Saturday, May 16 from 4-7 p.m. with the artist’s reception for “Unanticipated Consquences,” a collection of Christopher Moore’s digital photography.
Moore’s background in photography dates back to the ’60s, when he got his first camera.  After attending Pratt Institute in the early 1970s, Moore worked in the commercial world for over 20 years.  His passion has always been for the fine art end of photography and is now keener than ever.  The images presented in this exhibit are part of an ongoing series showing the minute chaos that surrounds all of us daily. 
Describing his inspiration for this collection, Moore explains, “In an effort to make things smooth and perfect, man has continually used and abused the natural resources of the earth. Mimicking nature, unwanted old things are broken and crushed to make the support for the new. The difference is that man-made materials don’t disintegrate, but remain forever. I am always looking at this situation in my photography. The minutiae of destruction can make for a beautiful and fascinating scene.”
His color images in this series began in the early 1990s and have evolved into the group of photographs currently on exhibit at the Longyear Gallery.
Says Moore, “My original intention was to reveal the ironic juxtaposition of the manmade with the organic; but as the series has progressed, I’ve tried to remove the irony without becoming too slick or superficial.”
Those visiting the Longyear to view this exhibit will also enjoy the work of two new Longyear member artists – painter Corneel Verlaan and photographer Arthur Nichols.
“Unanticipated Consequences” will be on display through May 31, accompanied by works of Robert Axelrod, Leslie K. Brill, Janice DeMarino, Ann Lee Fuller, John Hopkins, Phyllis Horowitz, Helane Levine-Keating, David Leveson, Margaret Leveson, Patrice Lorenz, Frank Manzo, Helane K. Manzo, Arthur Nichols, Marilyn Silver, Richard A. Simms, Sharon Suess, Nat Thomas, Alix H. Travis, Gerda van Leeuwen, Corneel Verlaan, Ros Welchman, Susan Whittenburg and Ellen Wong.
Longyear Gallery, Upstairs at The Commons, 785 Main Street, Margaretville, information: 845 586-3270, www.longyeargallery.org. Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. -4 p.m., or by appointment.