Truth is rare commodity


To The Editor:
America’s welfare culture is in danger of creating a different species of human beings. The nuclear family was the norm until about 50 years ago, when we invented Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). Although festooned with good intentions (it was originally intended for “widows and orphans”), welfare, as we know it today has managed to create something completely unprecedented in human history – an entire culture built around mother-only families.

To be sure, there have always been single-parent families – widows, widowers, children of divorce or disaster. But never on earth has there been a system where teenage boys and girls could breed as fast as humanly possible and have the entire costs of supporting their children be assumed by the state. Of course, such a culture is entirely parasitical – which means, in strict biological terms, that it cannot survive without its “host organism.” In this case, the host organism is the two-parent culture, which every year is forced to cough up billions in taxes to support the single-parent culture.

Without this economic underpinning, the welfare culture would collapse – but what would that mean? Would there be mass starvation – riots burning down our cities? Whatever the case, the current situation obviously cannot go on forever. At some point in time, the parasitical culture will overwhelm the host culture (a common enough occurrence in nature) and both will collapse.

Welfare almost certainly cannot be “reformed,” because every reform that is suggested ends up giving more advantages to single mothers (the more babies produced, the larger the welfare payments) which only makes illegitimacy more attractive. Free school day-care centers? Free college scholarships for welfare mothers? Free childcare for teenaged mothers? It all sounds great, doesn’t it? Climb aboard, everybody. Everything is free, free, free. All you have to do to qualify is to get pregnant without having a marriage certificate and Uncle Sap will pay and pay and pay.

America today is faced with a vast proletarian underclass, which is incapable of even comprehending the magnitude of the gift the gods have bestowed upon them – genetic determinism. It is Charles Darwin who triumphs here in these matters, not Karl Marx. Truth is a rare commodity these days; however, truth has this funny, mysterious way of always finding its way into daylight.
America awake!

E.O. England,