True community member


To The Editor:
We would like to take this opportunity to remember Jacqueline Grocholl and thank her family for a lifetime of selfless volunteerism for our community. Among other efforts, Jackie was the glue that held the Margaretville Pantry together for more than 20 years. Jackie scheduled volunteer staff, drove food to homebound individuals and opened her heart and mind to everyone she encountered. Jackie was also instrumental in re-establishing the food bank as the Community Pantry, lending her advice, time and experience, even while managing deteriorating health.

Jackie has been a model for most of us of a true community member. She lived a wonderful life here in the Catskills, and never forgot to give to those who had less. Among all, Jackie had a quiet dignity that influenced all who worked with her. The Community Pantry solutes Jackie Grocholl for her gifts and memories, and knows that Jackie’s guidance will continue to build a community built on dignity.

Joyce St. George,
Community Pantry