Town of Middletown website to be launched

Margaretville — The Town of Middletown’s website will go live Wednesday April 18th and can be viewed at the following address:

With financial support from the O’Connor Foundation and a welcoming ‘Home’ page showcasing vintage photos courtesy of the Middletown Historical Society, the website was created by Lisa Tait of Silvertop Graphics in New Kingston.

A graphic designer who has been creating websites since 2003, Ms. Tait was intimately involved with the emergency flood recovery site created for the Town in the wake of 2011’s Hurricane Irene Flooding.

The Middletown website, which was built around input from the staff at Town Hall, was modeled in part on other Delaware County municipal websites, in particular Meredith and Hancock.
Middletown Supervisor Marge Miller said ‘the town websites we really liked were models of business-like clarity, easy to read and access, combined with an abundance of useful and essential information.’

The site contains calendar, government services, ‘important links’ and East Branch Flood Commission pages, among others, and current as well as archival meeting minutes and upcoming meeting agendas will be posted as the site develops and Middletown staff are trained to use the site as administrators, taking over from Tait. Community input is welcome regarding the site as well as in reference to whatever issues of the day require comment via the ‘comments’ page.

A special emergency sub-site has been built into the Middletown website so that residents will become familiar with the municipal site and have an understanding of how to easily access up to the minute news on disaster declarations, road, school or business closings and other information should a natural or other disaster occur.