Tour brought history to life


To The Editor:
I decided to go to the Living History Cemetery Tour on June 30 given by the Historical Society of the Town of Middletown. I like to support community events, some of the people involved are friends and I thought it was a nice thing to do.
Actually, I expected to be bored.

I was blown away. Small groups of us walked around Margaretville Cemetery at dusk. Various people buried there came to life and told us about their lives. Those playing the parts weren’t only people in costumes, speaking memorized words. They quickly drew me into the lives of those they were portraying. It didn’t matter if it was the undertaker, animal trainer, doctor, artists, legislator, milliner, log-raft steersman, farmer, attorney, anti-war advocate…the performances were great.

The script was fascinating. It had bits of information I’ll always remember, like Helen Keller came to the Catskills to learn fly-fishing. I learned new-to-me words, like “docent.”
This event took place a month ago and still seems vivid in my mind. I hope the Historical Society will do this again and again. It was nice that a golf cart was provided to be sure everyone could participate.

Cemeteries have changed for me. They’re no longer just for dead people.