Top five slogans in regional promotion contest


By Jay Braman Jr.
The entries to the Capture the Catskills slogan contest have been weighed and measured and the top five have been announced.

Asked to find a slogan that would undo the old Borscht Belt image that sticks to the region like cream cheese on a bagel, 3,714 people responded with hopes of grabbing a $1,500 prize offered by the Catskills Park Resource Foundation, an organization formed last year by former Big Indian resident Dean Gitter, a businessman who wants to redefine the area and attract more visitors.
Gitter has proposed building a $400 million resort called the Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park. It is currently under review.

The top five are: “The Catskills: Peaks of Perfection,” “The Catskills: Always in Season,” “The Catskills: Time for an Altitude Adjustment,” “Find yourself in the Catskills,” and “The Catskills: So Near, Yet So Far Out.”

The winning slogan won’t be announced until August 25 when Comedian Susie Essman performs a benefit show for the Resource Foundation at Belleayre Mountain Ski Center as part of the Belleayre Music Festival’s 2012 Concert Series.

Joan Lawrence-Bauer, a longtime Catskills resident and contest coordinator, said in a prepared statement that the Resource Foundation is again seeking public input in determining a final winner.
“Voting begins today and everyone is invited to select their favorite slogan,” she said. “The deadline is 11 p.m. on Monday Aug. 20. For more information, please visit the CPR website at

Lawrence-Bauer said the foundation’s core mission is to promote the Catskills Region and to increase travel and tourism and stimulate economic recovery, in the region and that the winning slogan of the ‘Capture the Catskills’ contest may be the corner stone of a tourism promotion and branding campaign, appearing in marketing, advertising and publicity collateral materials.

But then again, it may not. There is no guarantee any of the slogans will be used.
To vote, visit the foundation’s website at or Facebook page at Visitors to either site will be directed to a voting mechanism, survey monkey. Only one vote is allowed per person.

Tickets for the benefit comedy concert, where the winning slogan will be announced, can be purchased at