Time to stop blaming others


To the Editor:
As a former camper, camp staff, and member of the so called “Generation Y” I felt compelled to respond to the recent letter from Jill Powell, the Director of Camp Move IT in Bovina.

I have to admit that I read with interest the story about Camp Move IT in the August 7 issue of the Catskill Mountain News. I felt the article explored some gross violations of trust between the owners of the camp and the staff, campers and their parents.

However, when Ms. Powell responded to the article, no where did she take personal responsibility for anything. Instead, she blamed every one else – Generation Y and their laziness, her perceived discrimination against her and her partner, Brian Sweeney for writing an article in the first place and too many others to name.

As a member of Generation Y, let me tell you that we are not lazy. Let me tell you some of the characterstics that make up my generation: we have high self-esteem, we highly value training and feedback, we have very high standards and expect a lot from those around us.

When no training or feedback is provided, we feel no loyalty to stay around with the employer.
Ms. Powell, my guess is that your employees were not provided with the skills they needed to succeed in your camp. It was your duty to provide training and resources for your staff to succeed.
Ms. Powell, grow up and stop blaming everyone else for your failures.

Jessica Olenych,