Time Out: June 11, 2014

Our rivers and streams are in excellent shape heading into the middle of June, with good numbers of fishermen about this past week and weekend. The Beaverkill, and the East and West branches of the Delaware River are all just above the average flows recorded on each river. Water temperatures are very favorable, and fly hatches have been keeping the trout and the trout fishers well occupied.
Sulphurs are making their appearances, as have light colored caddis flies. Green Drakes were not as heavy as in the past, but are still being seen. March Browns have about ended, with Gray Foxes still hatching especially on the upper reaches along with Blue Winged Olives and some Yellow Sallies (stoneflies).
Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville, reported that fishing on Pepacton Reservoir over the past week has been pretty good, especially for fish in the five- to six-pound range. Most successful reservoir fishermen are using bait (sawbellies) for their catches.
Reportedly, the trout are all “pretty high” in the water, from on the surface to 20 feet down. A lot of reservoir fishermen are trolling or bait fishing with no weight on their line, just free lining out in back of the boat. Al said that the fish hit just as easily on monofilament line, and it’s probably easier to troll using monofilament rather than lead core, as you don’t need to get down very deep in the water. The baitfish are all up near the surface now, until the water begins to warm up.

Best fishing time
Mid-mornings up until early evenings seem to be the best time for productive reservoir fishing over the past week, and the trout are still hanging out relatively close to shore.
Hank Straub from the Goshen area of Orange County had some great fishing over the weekend. On Saturday he managed a beautiful brown that weighed eight and one-half pounds. He then returned to the store on Sunday with a big seven-pound, 12-ounce brown that measured 26 inches in length, a nice, fat fish.
Another nice-sized brown trout was caught on a sawbelly by Bruce Knecht who was visiting from Pennsylvania. Bruce’s fish weighed eight and three-quarter pounds and measured 29 and-three-quarters inches.
A couple of nice hefty trout in the 22-inch size range were taken this weekend. Jeff Paulsen from Monticello was fishing a sawbelly when he caught a five and three-quarter pounder that measured 22 inches. Jerry Usher, a Pennsylvania fisherman, took a 22 and-three-quarter-inch brown that also weighed five and three-quarter pounds using a sawbelly.
And rounding out our five-pounders was Keith Drown of Grahamsville with a five pound, seven ouncer and Todd Curtin of Walton with a five-pound, five-ounce brown that measured 24 inches.