Three Roxbury students join the Re-Store Challenge teams


Roxbury — In only two short weeks the Re-Store Design Challenge teams will bring tools, paint, ingenuity and other, more exotic artifacts, to create three fantastical retail “stores” on Main Street, Roxbury. By August 21, the new “Re-Store” ventures must be ready for shoppers. Luckily some youthful energy and exuberance joined the design teams this week, in the form of three Roxbury Central School (RCS) rising seniors.

The Re-Store Design Challenge is simple but daunting: create a store with only an empty storefront, two days to build, and a $1,000 budget. The Re-Store Design Challenge storefronts will be open for “business” from August 21 to September 19 on Main Street, Roxbury, and your vote will help choose the winning team (and a scholarship or grant for that team’s student member.)
Design team leaders Andrew Williams (architect/designer), Donald Hill (interior designer), and Sean Scherer (artist and entrepreneur) have now chosen the three “Young Turks,” who will be taking a crash course in architecture, design, logistics and endurance as they help their team head to the finish line. 

Andrew Williams and his artist teammate Grant Collier welcomed Jacob Liberatore to their team. An honor student with strengths in math and science, Liberatore plans to study engineering in college. Jacob has worked both at Ski Plattekill as a snow tubing attendant and at Kirkside Park during the summers, where he helps with landscaping and buildings. At home, he does some heavy lifting by re-building stone walls. “I pay close attention to detail and don’t cut corners to get a job done faster,” said Liberatore. “His profession as an architect is in tune with my goals and we’ll be able to work together to design the best storefront.”

Nevada Schuman has joined the team led by interior designer Donald Hill and painter/quilter/fabric artist Nat Thomas. Schuman counts art as her favorite subject at RCS and is a strong math student as well, the perfect mix for her dream profession of architect. “Re-Store will help me learn if architecture is really what I would like to do for the rest of my life,” says Schuman.

Paulina Cowan joins the team led by Sean Scherer, artist and entrepreneur behind the unusual antiques and collectibles vision of Kabinett & Kammer in Andes. A veteran of Kirkside Park programs, Paulina has already interned on the movie set of “Cop Out” in New York City, based on her skills and enthusiasm helping costume designer Juliet Polsca with period dress during Turn of the Century Days. Paulina hopes to study fashion merchandising in college. Paulina also works hard at Cassie’s Cafe as a popular server. “I’ve always been interested in art and design and being a part of this project will further my knowledge of different fields of design.” 

Re-Store teams are already hard at work on the planning and pre-buildout of their “Re-Stores” and will have only two days before August 21 to complete the entire installation. Re-Store Design Challenge is revealed in Roxbury on August 21. Learn more about it all at the Re-Store Design Challenge Facebook page or call sponsoring organization, The MARK Project, at 586-3500. 
Paulina Cowan, left, Nevada Schuman and Jacob Liberatore stand in the former Enderlin GalleryPaulina Cowan, left, Nevada Schuman and Jacob Liberatore stand in the former Enderlin Gallery