This is the worst in Taxbury


To The Editor:
People of Taxbury, do you know that if you own a business in Taxbury you are assessed $10,000 more? I thought assessments were based on buildings and property, but it seems your blood, sweat, talent and personal property are also assessed.

Our new assessor told me that he “liked the downstate homeowners because they don’t bitch and they can’t vote.” I would be happier if the assessor for Roxbury lived in Roxbury. Maybe then he would give a damn.

Have you noticed how many “For Sale” signs there are from the town line on Route 30 to Route 23 in Grand Gorge? There are 19. Houses that are for sale for $400,000 can’t even sell for $150,000. What’s happening to our town?

I’ve been here since the 1960s. I’ve seen the good and the bad, but this is the worst I’ve seen.

Martin Hagerott,