This is why we pay taxes


To The Editor:
Prior to Hurricane Irene the bridges in Fleischmanns did not receive high marks from the Delaware County Public Works Department engineers inspecting village bridges. According to the department’s own criteria, on a scale from 0-7, bridges in Delaware County are considered unsafe at a score of 4.5 or below.

In addition to several low marks for bridges in Fleischmanns, in 2009 the now missing Bridge Street bridge received an almost unacceptable mark of 4.567.  As low as the 2009 rating was, no work had been done to improve or replace this bridge.

Now that the bridge is gone, suggestions from the Public Works Department as well as writers to the Catskill Mountain News that funds for a new bridge on Bridge Street in the Village of Fleischmanns should come from organizations and private donors seems incredible!  Delaware County Public Works is the government agency responsible to rebuild this bridge and it should pay for it. 

Isn’t that why we pay taxes?    

Gloria Zola-Mulloy, LCSW