This is where it pays off


To The Editor:
I’d like to congratulate the Margaretville boys’ varsity soccer team on their Section D Championship.  They worked long and hard for it. Great job boys!

I’d also would like to thank the boys’ coaches.  When I say coaches I mean all of them.  The ones they had through the years.  Thank you Mr. Marks for the many years and long hours of dedication you’ve given our varsity team.  The way you teach, coach, and inspire our boys, and your caring ways on and off the field.  

I’d alss like to thank their youth coaches, Joe VanValkenburg and Missy Hull. Even though they no longer coach the team, they are present at every game.  They are so proud of them out there, that I have to say those are your boys too.  Thank you Joe for your time many years ago on youth soccer. You gave them the fundamentals of the game and had the patience to see them through many seasons.  

Then came modified soccer, let’s not forget Mr. O.  Mr. O was their modified coach, his coaching, hard work and perseverance, not to mention blood, sweat and a lot of running kept the boys focused and driven.  He looked for the players who wanted to be in it for the long haul.

Along came Missy Hull and she put an awesome All Star team together.  Missy showed them, you could do anything you want to do if you want to succeed, and if you wanted it bad enough.  Missy dedicated many years and many hours of her time in spite of her health.  Missy showed them what they could do together.  

They were all MVP players yet not one player could win the game alone.  They were a team and what a team they grew to be. Thank you Missy, for all you inspired and accomplished. These are your boys!  Thank you coaches, the ones that get paid and unrecognized and the ones that volunteer. Also, thank you Moms and Dads too.  
 This is where it all pays off.

Madeline Minervini Haynes,
New Kingston