This is how to run a business


To The Editor:
Here’s how to run a business.

Last Saturday, Jim Addy of Roxbury Run and I prepared to tee off at The Meadows Golf Center in Arkville.  We have played golf there for several years, but this was my first time since tropical storms Irene and Lee flooded the course and wiped out the clubhouse. The new clubhouse/restaurant is in an early stage of construction, requiring owners Russell Matson and Julie Hernandez to work out of a trailer.  

Though Jim and I each had a bottle of water on this hot, sunny day, I knew that I would soon be needing an ice-cold soda from the Coke machine near the second green.  Russell was speaking with a gentleman next to the new structure and, considering the transitional state at Meadows, I thought it wise to see if the Coke machine was indeed up and running yet.  Russell said no, but that he would be happy to go to the Hess station and pick up something for us. Nah, that’s okay, I said, you don’t have to do that. It’s not a problem, he said, and off he went.

Jim and I hadn’t even reached the first green when Russell and a sidekick pulled up in a golf cart with frosty bottles of Coke and water.

“You’re the man, Russell!” I said.  “Play as many holes as you like, guys,” he said, and drove away.
Like I said, that’s how to run a business.

Bruce Foster,