The region deserves better


To The Editor:
Apparently Dave Channon is not a frequent skier at Belleayre Ski Center.  If he were, he would appreciate how absurd it is to describe it in his recent letter as an “elite private playground.”  
Established by the New York State Conservation Department over 65 years ago, Belleayre Ski Center’s mission is to provide the people of New York with an outlet for healthy recreation and establish an economic engine for the Central Catskills.  

New York State owns and operates ski centers in the Adirondacks and millions have been invested up there in recent years to improve and maintain them.  He doesn’t object to that.  I guess it’s only the Catskill Region that should be left to languish.

If he did visit a flourishing ski center, he’d notice that typically they have one or more modern resorts adjacent to the slopes.  Again, according to Mr. Channon, the Catskills don’t deserve that kind of infrastructure.
It’s time to stop listening to the people who only say “no.” Belleayre Ski Center and the economy of the region deserve better.

Joan McCoy,
New York City