The people have spoken


To The Editor:
I would like to congratulate Fred Woller and Harriet Grossman on their re-election to the Fleischmanns Village Board.  The people of the village have spoken.  Now is not the time for petty arguing.  We as a board must look to the future of the village, especially in these critical times.

In a letter recently written by Harriet Grossman, I have been accused of participating in secret meetings, and the question has been asked if I further “private interests rather than the public benefit.” Harriet suggested that “other secret meetings have been held” and that “we can all make our own conjectures as to what was discussed.”  Harriet has been quoted in the Watershed Post:

“They have a big machine behind them, I don’t know who it is.”  In a campaign letter written by Fred Woller, he wrote that I participated in “too many secret meetings” with “too many secret agendas.” Harriet and Fred “are not willing to stand for more of the same. (They)
stand for government that is truly representative of the interests of the people of Fleischmanns.”

 Fred has also written: “Unfortunately we (Fred and Harriet) have been kept in the dark about issues that the other board members have tried to sneak through.”  Fred also posted on Facebook, “You can’t believe the corruption that goes on in such a small depressed village.

We’ve been on this board for six years trying to keep it transparent, and all of a sudden these creeps are trying to take over.  The Mayor just resigned from the pressure, and now we have two more to get rid of.”

These statements, demonizing my words and actions, have forced me to reflect on my performance as a board member.  I would like to take this opportunity to bring Fred, Harriet, and the people of Fleischmanns up to speed on the projects I have been involved in.  This is a list of projects that I have been working on.  I will not be following up on any of these, as I do not wish to be falsely accused of future wrongdoing: fire department budget, flood recovery & restrucuring, shared services contracts with Middletown (revist to encompass more), code enforcement contracts with Middletown (renew/renegotiate), theater (lease with MARK, sale of building, current tenant issues), pump station lease (meet with tenant to renew), bio-fuel Facility feaseability study, taxes we pay to Middletown (how much, where does it go, etc), assessments (do we want to give up being an assessing entity, etc), park project & reconstruction, pool guidelines (rules, regulations, job descriptions) and stream corridor repair (NRCS EWP).

I will continue to work diligently with Larry Reilly at getting the FEMA project worksheets written for the village to get the most money available for reconstruction. This is already taking up much of my time. Fred Woller has written, “Harriet and I have always been there to fight for you.” This is their opportunity.

Ben Fenton,
Fleischmanns Village Trustee