The county's grab for revenue


To The Editor:
Pushing ethical limits, 15 Delaware County supervisors, without public input, have published a resolution inviting Williams Pipeline Company of Oklahoma to run a high-pressure gas pipeline through Delaware County. Oddly, this decision was made without knowing what route the pipeline will take!

It’s a grab for revenue wherever and however the supervisors can get it and without regard for the multiple negative effects a pipeline will bring. It was done without concern for the dominant local opinion… that the majority does not want fracking or pipelines in their backyard, on their farmland, or in their town or county.

Pipelines running through our county represent invitations to frack our lands. Fracking hurts farming and tourism, the two mainstays of our economy. With our low population density, this gas will not be used to fuel our homes. Instead it may end up in Louisiana, be compressed and exported at five times the local price here. This action won’t diminish our dependence on foreign oil.

On the Pennsylvania side of the Southern Tier, while fracking and pipelines are spreading rapidly, housing prices are plummeting, mortgages and homeowner insurance are difficult to get, farmers worry about selling tainted produce, some people are getting sick, and tourism has suffered. Our fragile economy has brought falling real estate values and poor job opportunities. Bringing industrialization here, through pipelines and fracking is a formula for more decline. It’s the history of extractive industries.

Our supervisors were elected by us. They now owe us full representation. Only a few supervisors are doing the right thing by listening to their constituents and voting against a pipeline. They are Keitha Capouya of Meredith, Dennis Valente of Davenport, and Steven Bower of Kortright. These three should be applauded for their understanding of what is really important to us and for their foresight and courage.

Robert Lidsky,