The Belleayre Resort — by the numbers

Highmount — The proposed Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park will be located near the intersection of the boundaries of Delaware County and Ulster counties. The site consists of 739 acres adjacent to the existing state-owned Belleayre Mountain Ski Center.

The overall resort centers around two distinct hotels; Wildacres Resort with an 18-hole championship golf course and Highmount Spa Resort.

The following statistical information was provided by Crossroads Ventures, developers of the proposed resort:

Wildacres Resort
Wildacres is planned to be a family-oriented 3.5 - 4 star, four-season resort with its focus on the many different types of outdoor recreation. The following are the development components proposed:

1. Main Hotel Building (located directly across from the upper entrance to the Belleayre Mountain Ski Center)
• 208 hotel units and 42 fractional interest lodging units
• Resort-related shops
• Two restaurants
• Conference Center with
500-seat auditorium, 200-
seat ballroom & eight
meeting rooms
• Fitness Center & Indoor
• Full-service spa with 15
treatment rooms and a
grotto pool
• Two outdoor tennis courts
• Highmount Golf Club
• 18-hole championship golf course designed by Davis Love III (organically maintained)

2. The existing Marlowe Mansion (c.1902) is to be renovated as a social hall for resort guests with library, meeting rooms, game rooms and an activities lawn.

3. 163 detached lodging units in 18 three-story multiple-unit buildings clustered in the northeast portion of the site and near the hotel. The units, averaging approximately 1,500 square feet on a single floor, will be housed in buildings that contain 10 units each with basement level parking.

4. New Community
Clubhouse with
recreation amenities
for detached
lodging unit occupants.
• 40-seat snack bar
• Health club
• Game rooms
• Outdoor swimming pool
• Two outdoor tennis courts

5.Wilderness Activity
Center – adaptive re-use
of the former Highmount
Ski Center buildings.
• Café with lounge and
• Locker rooms and weight
training room
• Jacuzzi, sauna and steam
• Indoor rock climbing wall
• Outdoor rock/ice climbing
• Outdoor products sales
and rental shop
• Staff to include guides to
direct resort guests to
other off-site recreational
• Shuttle access for resort
guests (to/from Wildacres
and Highmount)

Highmount Spa Resort
Highmount is planned to be a 5-star, four-season resort focused on spa and wellness center facilities and providing ski-in/ski-out access to Belleayre Mountain Ski Center trails. The following are the development components proposed at Highmount.

1. Main Hotel/
Spa Building
• 120 hotel units and 53
fractional interest lodging
• Café and sundry shop
• 125-seat restaurant
• 50-seat lounge
• Full Service Spa - 30
treatment rooms, lap pool,
fitness facilities & cafe
• Executive conference

2. Adjacent Lodge
Building – Twenty-seven fractional interest lodging units are within one building with one common room for owners.

3. Detached Lodging Units –16 units down hill from the hotel/spa in eight duplexes

4. Auxiliary Conference /Wellness Center; this will be an adaptive reuse of some of the Leach Farm original buildings.

5. Skiing
• Lift from hotel/spa building to a new warming hut at the top of the former Highmount Ski Center.
• Trails – two down from the top of the former Highmount Ski Center, and one from the hotel/spa down to the bottom of the former Highmount Ski Center.

Overall Project Benefits:
Construction Period Benefits: (anticipated 8-10 year build-out period)
• Estimated resort construction cost: $364.72 million
• Ulster County: $333.78 million
• Delaware County: $30.94 million
• Construction jobs: 2,176 person years of employment
• Construction job wages & salaries: $112.70 million
• Total economic effect from construction of the project: $703.07 million
• Total local & state tax revenues eenerated by project: $16.85 million (exclusive of Real Estate Taxes)

Operational Period Benefits:
Jobs: 541 full–time, 230 part–time / seasonal
• Highmount Spa Resort: 44 Full–time Salaried Jobs, Average Salary of $56,500
230 Full–time Hourly Jobs, Average Wages of $14.90 / hr.
88 Part–time Hourly Jobs Average Wages of $14.60 / hr.
• Wildacres Resort: 46 Full–time Salaried Jobs, Average Salary of $56,700
221 Full–time Hourly Jobs, Average Wages of $14.70 / hr.
142 Part–time Hourly Jobs, Average Wages of $13.35 / hr.
• Annual On-Site Resort Wages & Salaries: (after full build-out) $24.85 million
• Annual Economic Effect on Regional Economy: $167.94 million
• Annual Off-Site Spending by Resort Guests in area businesses: (after full build-out) $10.64 million

Tax Benefits:
Upon full build-out the resort will generate an estimated annual property and school tax revenue increase of $2.1 million to the benefit of the Town of Shandaken and Ulster County, as well as an annual property and school tax revenue increase of an estimated $1.73 million to the benefit of the Town of Middletown and Delaware County.

Quantitative & Qualitative Comparison of the original Project
presented in the 2003 DEIS and the Project as now proposed:

• The size of the project, in terms of its area to be developed, has been reduced by over 60%.
• The size of the project, in terms of its number of lodging structures, has been reduced by over 70%.
• The size of the project, in terms of its total number of lodging units, has been reduced by 143 units, (19%)
• The size of the project in terms of its single family home subdivision has been reduced by 100%
• The length of proposed roads and the total amount of proposed impervious surfaces have both been reduced by approximately 80%.
• Roads on lands with slopes greater than 20% have essentially been eliminated.
• Nearly 1,200 acres of land formerly proposed for development are now in State ownership to become New York State Forest Preserve lands
• 203 acres of land have been placed in a Conservation Easement held by the City of New York.
• With the exception of a very small portion of the Wildacres site (+/- 12 acres), stormwater discharges to the sensitive Ashokan Reservoir and Watershed Basin have been eliminated.
• Detached lodging units proposed to be built only on slopes less than or equal to 20% will provide significant stormwater management benefits for this project. This commitment by Crossroads is an enhancement beyond current NYSDEC and NYCDEP regulatory standards for steep slope construction.
• Impacts to views from the Wilderness Area lands in Forest Preserve have been eliminated.
• Two previously proposed private wastewater treatment plants have been eliminated, and treatment is now consolidated at NYCDEP’s Pine Hill Wastewater Treatment Plants.
• The Big Indian golf course has been eliminated and the remaining Highmount Golf Club was reconfigured to avoid wetland and stream impacts. Moreover, it will be managed in accordance with an Organic Golf Course Management Plan developed in concert with representatives of various environmental parties.
• The Wildacres Resort, Highmount Spa Resort and the detached lodging units will be designed and constructed with green building design elements as set forth by the United States Green Buildings Council. Crossroads is committed to obtaining Silver or higher rating under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) program for the Wildacres Hotel, Highmount Hotel and Highmount Lodge building.
• The design of the stormwater facilities at the Wildacres Resort maximizes the use of stormwater runoff for irrigation of the golf course.
• Performance bonds or some other form of security will be posted to ensure that construction stormwater and sediment and erosion control are carried out in conformance with NYSDEC and NYCDEP permits.