Thanks for support of Fairview Library


To The Editor:
I write to express the appreciation of the Fairview Public Library’s staff and trustees to everyone in the community that contributed so generously to the benefit auction a week ago. The benefit honored the life and contributions of Cheryl Stelter and featured her wonderful collection of fly fishing gear, collectables featuring fly-fishing motifs and many other testaments to her love of the outdoor life in the Catskills.
The collection was donated to the Fairview Public Library by Cheryl’s husband Stephen Finkel of New Kingston and daughter Sayde Finkel of New Orleans, LA, to be offered at public auction. The substantial proceeds from the auction will be used to support children’s programs and other activities at the Library for the benefit of the entire community. We are all indebted to Cheryl’s family for their kindness and generosity and their support that made this event possible.
We are also indebted to the McIntosh Auction Service who managed the event. Their commitment of time, energy and resources to support this benefit for our village library is beyond measure. Chuck and Roger McIntosh’s good humor and enthusiasm throughout, from setting up the displays to running the auction, was simply a delight.
In addition to the featured items, attendees were also treated to a delightful array of freshly baked pies and pastry that were auctioned throughout the event. Everyone thanks all of the faithful, dedicated bakers for sharing their delicious craft and for contributing their time and effort for the benefit of the library.
Finally, let me thank everyone who attended the auction. Your interest and enthusiasm was wonderful and deeply appreciated. The only thing left to do now is for everyone to stop by, pick up your library cards and start enjoying the wonderful treasures of your Fairview Public Library! Thanks to everyone who made this event possible.

Jim Gohlke, Fairview Public Library Trustee