Thanks to all who helped


To The Editor:
The Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center Auxiliary’s 45th Annual Flea Market and Antique Craft Fair was another success. Sincere thanks are owed to the many individuals and businesses that contributed their time, talents and resources to help make this year’s flea market so successful. Year after year, the auxiliary continues to be one the hospital’s biggest benefactors. The success of this year’s Auxiliary Flea Market event will help significantly towards the financial commitment that the auxiliary makes each year to the hospital and nursing home.

On behalf of the auxiliary I wish to thank the many people involved in helping make this year’s flea market such a success. Because there were so many involved I will probably leave someone out so please forgive my oversight if you are not mentioned. First a big thank you to the event coordinators Doug Hinkley and Lee Austin for all their hard work. Thank you to Tony Tulumello and Bertha VonHassel for helping coordinate the food and supplies we needed from MRCC. Butch Williams and his staff for moving the tables, chairs and grills to and from the park. Rich Schaedle, Joe Grieco, and Linda Mead for taking care of serving coffee and donuts to the vendors at 5 a.m.

Thank you to Kari Blish, from the Flour Patch for making the delicious donuts. Thank you to Joan and Al Dubrava, Peg and Jim Stoll for taking care of the soda and water concession with help from Joe Altbacker. Thank you to Agnes Neilson and Liz McDaniel for taking care of the bake sale with help from Agnes’s granddaughters and all those who bake items year after year or donated money.
A special thank you Bill Blish and his crew of Gilbert and Don for an excellent job of cooking the chicken and working under all that pressure! Thank you to Cora Martin, Elia Tanzer, Ben and Shannon Fairbairn and their mom for selling the chicken. Thank you to Nancy Reynolds, Camille Vickers and Sheri Griffie for serving the food and to Greg Beechler, Warren Reynolds and Ralph Sheehan for all their help with cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs all day long. Thank you to Bertha VonHassel for making such delicious German potato salad and coleslaw again this year. A special thank you to Connie Jeffers and her crew for manning the entrance gates and to Brian Sweeney for taking care of all the advertising this year. Thanks to Bob and Leon and the Freshtown staff for all they did. Thank you to the Hess station for donating ice again this year.

Thank you to the following, Ethan Bush and the Margaretville village maintenance crew for the field preparation and John Biruk and the Middletown town crew who helped put up the fencing. The Margaretville Fire Department for the use of the fence. Bloomville Disposal for trash removal and Uncle Bob’s for the Port-a-Johns. Thanks to Iris Mead and Jane Miller for their help with vendor check-in and JR Lawrence, Gary Atkin and Gary Marks for their help with vendor placement. Thank you to Doug Hinkley, JR Lawrence, Gary and Barb Atkin and Jill Olin for field clean up and to Lee Austin, Nancy Reynolds and Hollie Straut for cleaning up the pavilion and the employees of MTC for all your help during the year.

Personal thanks to my “11th-hour helpers” at the auxiliary membership/donation table. And, lastly, to the many vendors and the public — a world of thanks, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Eleanor Aulino, president
MH/MRCC Auxiliary