Supports Judge Becker's work


To the Editor:
One of the most important  positions in county government is our county judge. Judge Becker has served us in that position for almost 10 years. He has done a superior job in all aspects of his job.

As a retired law enforcement officer I have observed many of his decisions in criminal court and I feel he always does what is right for all parties concerned. It is not only knowledge of the law a judge must posses but also judicial temperament is an important factor for a judge. The ability to make decisions that insure the law is applied and justice is served is a quality Judge Becker possesses.

His innovations such as the drug court has helped so many people become productive members of society again. From personal knowledge his ability to make the most difficult decisions in family court has contributed to the well being of children and families in our county. He is an Acting Justice of the Sixth Judicial Supreme Court of New York. He is an avid sportsman and believes in our Second Amendment rights. Judge Becker is and honorable man we can trust in and out of the courtroom to do what is right for the people of Delaware County. He deserves our vote this November.

Tom Cardi